Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just My Thoughts Pt. 2

I feel like I haven't blogged about much other than music lately. I guess its safe to say this is indicative of where my head is, but I've been thinking about a lot lately. For one, I've realized that blogs have become the new mixtape. No longer can DJs, websites, or print magazines even keep up anymore. The pure nature of blogging lends itself to constant streams of info & content, giving it the advantage. Secondly, since becoming a part of this world, I've realized that people consume music incredibly fast. We've literally become a fast food nation, and people no longer take the time to appreciate music. All in all, this fears me. Although I'm a part of this movement, I feel like I have to do something to actively change how people consume music. That all....

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Vee (Scratch) said...

And that's why it takes me a minute to listen to something new, because I'm trying to really listen to a project with a good 2-3 listens.

I think people digest the hype, and don't take the time to really digest what they're listening to. Waiting to hear the next project, the next new CD and thinking music released in 2006 is old news, no longer relevant. It's not about being nostalgic, it is about appreciation.

Changing how people consume music? If you figure out how to change fans behavior, let me know.