Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Official Co-Sign Vol 6

Y'all know the drill. I highlight those that deserve their props. This is the "gear" edition.

When you talk about hometown love, you're talking about 37 Deep. If you've ever been in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, you've probably come across someone wearing a t-shirt from the line. Last summer particularly, the hood exploded when founder, G, dropped the "FL@TBUSH" shirt. It was brilliant, yet simple and there was a flavor to match everything in your wardrobe. The clothing line is truly a local movement, and even its name is symbolic of the founder's childhood block. CO-SIGNED!!

5FD is a t-shirt line that is inspired by all things from pop culture. Unless you have a watchful eye, and are old enough to remember things like NaS' classic "Illmatic", many of the designs may fly over your head. It shouldn't matter either way because the line is FRESH! Although many companies are throwing golden era
Hip-Hop symbols on their clothes, 5FD simply does it better. The shirt designs are inventive, fly, and the subtle details put it above the pack. CO-SIGNED!!

To find out more about either line, click on the respective pics.

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