Monday, July 14, 2008

The Official Co-Sign Vol. 3

Yeah, by now you should know the drill. I'm an elitist, but I'm still a fan. So here's a few more people that I genuinely like & support. It's the AOK edition

Nola Darling:

The tandem of Aziza & Alex fuse Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and R&B in a way that hasn't been seen or heard before. Just as their namesake did in Spike Lee's debut, they exercise their independence and creative freedom, while having fun at everyone's expense; you gotta love it. On their song "Who is Nola Darling" the two defiantly dismiss wackness while simultaneously empowering women with lines like "We don't care that you got a magic stick". OUCH!!! Citing Tanya Stephens as an influence would have gotten a co-sign anyway, but with such high energy, high octane, in your face bravado, its hard to deny these two bombshells of their just due. Check them out by clicking the pic above or reading their blog, here. Officially CO-SIGNED!!!

Homeboy Sandman:

I 1st heard about Sandman while sitting on the 2 train staring at nothing in particular, only to notice flyers which stated my favorite emcees would approve of him. After doing my research, I was pleasantly surprised that he was right. Whether he's flipping alliteration in a whimsical rhyme scheme or spitting verses that will chop someone's head off, you can't deny how inventive his wordplay is. He literally stands above the rest in stature, but also when it comes down to pure emceeing. I firmly believe he has an incredibly promising future ahead of him. You can find more on Sandman by clicking the pic or following the link, here. Officially CO-SIGNED!!


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I'll co-sign the co-sign!!

-Manny D.

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can i co-sign the co-signed co-sign!