Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Fuckery....

I AM A HATER...I admitted this years ago on Heavy Rotation. You should know the song, its produced by Moss.(Find It). Anyhow, I was talking to my newfound homegirl Alex, of Nola Darling fame, while at the Brooklyn Hip Hip Festival. In discussing the entire event, we couldn't help but feel that blatant "middle finger you" FUCKERY was at hand. Now I'm not one to hate on anyone's success. So its quite understandable why Mickey Factz, whose buzz is retarded, was on the bill. It makes sense, but for some of the others, there's no logical explanation. Furthermore, I noticed that the there were notable absences from this so called "Brooklyn" festival. Dare I ask, why wasn't Torae, who is my man, rocking? (Team Red & Black) Why wasn't SkyZoo or Joell Ortiz rocking? Don't they fit the criteria? They're all from BK, and their buzzes are strong....something's got to give. I call "FUCKERY". More importantly, if not them, why not the next best? Obviously moi or Nola Darling. 1

PS: You can catch Nola Darling tomorrow, July 13 at S.O.Bs

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