Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Are YOU In It For?

So I was talking to my dude, Scratch, last night about art. As we were talking about his upcoming project, that will be huge btw, he paraphrased a Norman Rockwell quote. Mr. Rockwell said something along the lines of his work being SOULLESS because he did so much commissioned work during his career. As iconic as his work is, you can only assume he had gotten to a point where he either realized his art didn't have purpose, or he had given up his creative freedom in pursuit of money, or his art no longer spoke to its creator. The latter must be the toughest to deal with, because you only have yourself to answer to.

Well it got me thinking about a friend of mine who is actually quite successful and incredibly talented. Actually, he's one of the most creative minds I've ever come across. My only fear is, that this creative spirit will look back a few short years from now and feel like Mr. Rockwell.

I guess, long story short...FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Working towards your own goals will get you further than any corporation can. TRUST!!!

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