Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Playlist

Really, Nas' new mixtape ,"The N!**GER" Mixtape, is some of his best work in ages. Its restored my faith in him. I've always been a huge fan, and he's unequivocally one of the best thinkers and lyricist of our time. However, I don't feel his music consistently reflected that. ILLMATIC had a very simple formula; DOPE RHYMES + DOPE BEATS = CLASSIC. In turn, we've always measured him by his own arbitrary scale of greatness, but the music was never the same. We've always seen hints of his true brilliance with songs like GOD SON'S "Heaven", or even I AM's "Nas Is Like". Point is, the dude that once inspired me a helluva lot is BACK!!! Find it and download it

If you're not up on it, Smirnoff has a mixtape series which features superstar producers and some of our favorite emcees. Well the mash up has produced a remake of one of my favorite joints, Common's "The Light". The new version has been produced by Just Blaze, and is crazy. Cop your download HERE
There's also a dope collab from Primo & KRS.

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