Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Truly Love It...

There are few times when I am blatantly reminded why I love this thing we call Hip-Hop. By all means, I am very conscious that I do, but this is the same form of music that has brought me a lot heartache & disappointment. I guess it would only be fair to say that it also made me more patient, driven, analytical, and it also gave me a sense of purpose.

"Understand what it is, that I give to this music,
Understand what I spit, see I live through this music
When I was going through it, music was therapeutic"

I guess my point is, my dude Vitality had a showcase last night, and I wasn't supposed to perform. However, being in an environment where I was surrounded by other emcees, I couldn't help but participate. I got on stage and rocked a verse. I didn't do it because I felt I needed to shine, or because I needed to promote myself, or because of my competitive spirit, but I did it because I love it.... and genuinely.

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