Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Last Final....

In approximately 5 hours I'll be taking my last exam towards my undergraduate degree, and I couldn't be more excited. I've already secured an "A" in one class, and hopefully another in this one. Although I'm quite lackadaisical at the moment and posting a blog entry when I should be doing some last minute cramming, I'm simultaneously shocked and ecstatic. It's over...all my sacrifice, hard work, and determination seems to have paid off. My point is, I did this for me. I didn't do it because there were pressures to go to school, to follow convention, or even finding it necessary, but more so as a personal goal. I knew I was capable of doing well, and I figured, "Why sell myself short?" So all in all, I'm proud of myself. I know this is pretty long-winded and partially scatter brained, but my point is "BE DRIVEN BY OWN VISION". If you want it, get it... I sincerely thank everybody that helped me, rode out with me, and stayed patient during the journey. It's going to be a hot summer!!!


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Cypha said...

good luck homie!