Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Official Co-Sign Vol. 2

Ok, so you know the deal. This is the 2nd installment and the producer special


There are few people whose musical ears I trust, and Graphic is one of them. Having made the transition from a lyricist to a producer, he's aware of all the intricacies and nuances of pairing beats and rhymes. This Bed-Stuy native provides bangers upon bangers which will make your head nod until it falls off your neck. His sound, in my personal opinion, can be best described as melodic boom-bap. Bottom line, he has HEAT!!! If you dare question how dope he is, dig up his Jay-Z "American Gangster" remixes. You'll definitely question why he didn't make the credits. Be sure to check him out by clicking on the pic above...I CO-SIGN!!

Rob Love the RL:

So here's a dude who exudes soul in every kick, snare, and bass line he produces. His sound has been compared to JD, which by all means is a compliment, but believe me when I say he IS The RL. His sound is distinctively unique but has the ability to recapture the feeling of something you previously loved. In an era where kids simply try to emulate their idols, he reinvents what you knew and creates something entirely new. This is feel good Hip-Hop. Be sure to check him out by clicking on the pic above....CO-SIGNED!!!


Cypha said...

Shake you're on point with this one.

I got beats from both of these dudes. Graph got that shit- dude can make a beat to fit any occassion or mood... check "No More Trouble," "Soo Rock N Roll" and "Only U" - three distinctly different joints but all equally as dope!

As far as RL goes me and dude just got classics together "Starships & Rockets," "Getcha Money" feat. Shake of course and our new single "Gucci Girl."

Both of Graph and RL are really on some next shit!

Sophia Lauren said...

Yoooooo! These dudes are both great at what they do! I've worked wit my boy Graph on some heat...even had to fight Shake for a track (nah, just playin' Shake lol), but the music is so undeniable! And RL...whoa! Bangas that I've heard from Shake and Cyph on RL's tracks are sick!

We'll be hearing a lot more from these oh so talented producers! Yesssss...I CO-SIGN too!