Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last night's performance

If you weren't at The Knitting Factory last night, you missed out. Honestly, I would call you wack, but I don't wanna offend anyone. I digress, you're WACK!

To say anything other than I crushed would be an understatement. I opened up my set with "Gotta Get It", which went over better than it ever has. It was dope because it allowed me to gauge where the audience would be for the rest of my performance, but also set the bar for every song thereafter. So having the crowd participate from the Tribe "El Segundo" intro and transition to the song meant it would only get crazier as I went on.

I then introduced Nakia, Mayteana, & Sarita to the stage, who would help me out for my next 2 & 1/2 songs. We then performed "Discography" which is easily one of my favorite records, (Don't forget you can get a free download of the song if you join the ShakeInk mailing list from the site) and it sounded so beautiful with the ladies carrying the chorus & bridge. We turned the tempo up a notch with "ShakyBaby", and Rob Love...you would have been proud.

Despite how dope it all was, that was really just the appetizer before the main course. Before I could even finish "talking my $h!t", the onlookers and audience members were screaming "Fresh". Once the track came on, the people knew what time it was, and the building was rocking with me as they sang along. It was pure anarchy once I finished and the opening seconds of "King's County" began to play. With my back turned to the audience while holding the mic up in my right arm, the audience got a good look at not only my Polo Match Crest logo, but a prelude of the what was about to go down. Brooklyn was in the place heavy, and the call and response during the chorus made it feel like the ceiling was gonna collapse. With every hood I mentioned, they shouted "Brooklyn". It was absolutely bananas. Even though the place wasn't packed to maximum capacity, it sure felt like it during the closing moments of my set.

I guess I had a good show ya'll. Thank you to everyone that came out....the 2nd half of my recap is coming soon.


writing my wrongs... said...


writing my wrongs... said...

its S A R E T T A... lol